The Cervelt Fibre

Cervelt™ is the first commercial natural down fibre to be presented to the market in over 200 years.
Cervelt is a 13 micron fibre with a very low coefficient of variation meaning all Cervelt™ fibre is consistently superfine. The diameter is consistent throughout its length. The fibre is not straight, but has a wavy curl producing a yarn which is strong and resilient. The fibre retains its warmth even when the fabric or knitwear is very fine.

The Remarkable Yarn

Cervelt™ can be spun into very fine counts of woollen spun yarn. The yarn has a broad application in men’s and women’s knitwear, light woven fabrics and accessories. It can also be used as a textile for luxury furnishings.

The yarn can be dyed almost any colour, setting it apart from other luxury natural fibres. Cervelt™ yarn is now well-established as one of the most sought-after super luxury yarns with Cervelt™ garments present in the flagship stores of top luxury brands.

The yarn is available in a range of counts and can be spun to your requirements. Please contact Douglas Creek for further information.